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MR. DS KHAIRA, THE CHAIRMAN CUM MANAGING DIRECTOR-CIVC, has been the guiding force and inspiration behind this institution. His belief is that education is the only solution for the youth of Punjab, which will give them opportunities to grow and develop. His vision has brought the institute to this level of excellence.


THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL COURSES has been running various courses since its inception 6 years ago. We started with seven students and we have risen from strength to strength.  In April 2006, the campus kitchen was upgraded and was converted into a hotel kitchen fully equipped to conduct practical in a real life environment. Training thus started in our in-house practical training programs, which were successful .all types of cuisine were cooked under supervision of fully qualified cooking instructors. Till date our campus cooking lab is one of the most interesting labs during practical. By 2007, we were successful in graduating over a thousand students in big and small trade. The institution which was registered under the name of Canadian Institute of Health And Food Sciences began with 2 courses but later in 2006 renamed as THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL COURSES:

The institute can boast of running successfully over 10 courses in small and big trades. These include trades like carpentry, welding, building construction, house keeping, construction carpentry, front office management, management, early childhood education, computer programming, horticulture, live-in-care-givers, etc.
The training in these trades has helped students find jobs in India and abroad. Those who were already working in these trades were upgraded and developed theoretical and technical knowledge, which boosted their professional life. Many of these workers have been successful in getting jobs abroad.

 We have been very successful since the students are usually rural based whom we groom and train into individual in their own right. Our success lies in the fact to develop the confidence in students who are not able to get placements. Civc can take the credit to set so many unemployed Punjabi youth on the path to success.

Most of the courses are for a duration of three months which gives them an insight to the know how of the trades. Later the students go for their apprenticeship program at their own level or assisted by the CIVC. The students who are upgraded get an increase in their salary due to the certification of civc.
Although CIVC is open to n number of courses that meet the hour, yet the courses that we are looking for are the ones that requiring a combination of academic and vocational training. As job skills change, so too must training strategies because the world needs Students who know how to apply the skills and knowledge in creative and dynamic ways. We need employees who can take a concept and apply it to new and dynamic situations

In the fall of 2008, CIVC was successful in getting Collaboration with the LAMBTON COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY to run their courses in India.



LAMBTON COLLEGE has been a full service government of Ontario public community for over 42 years.” In 2007, Lambton college scored a 96 % employer satisfaction rate which is higher than the provincial average as said by the Dean Chris Slade.

Our collaboration with this international college will enhance our quality and reduce the cost of overseas education.

This is a big leap for CIVC where in the students get admission in the institute complete one year of study at CIVC. If they want to continue the study abroad, they must complete the immigration parameters to enable them to go to Canada on the transfer policy. This is a big advantage for those students who are unable to get into professional colleges due to the cutthroat competition. Here they can join courses, which will benefit them not only in India but also abroad. It is the belief of CIVC that education is for all and it must train a student in vocations which are well in demand world over.


The 6th of November 2008, was a big day for  civc. The MOHALI Campus of the college was  inaugurated by the HON’BLE CHIEF SECRETARY OF PUNJAB,  S. RAMESH INDER SINGH, IAS and the deputy commissioner of Mohali  was our chief guest. The Hon”ble CHIEF SECRETARY, to the  Govt. of Punjab  lauded the efforts towards encouraging vocational courses, which would be certified by   the Lambton College, Ontario Canada







I arrived in Mohali, Chandigarh, on Tuesday, June 16th.  On Wednesday morning I was taken to the college which is an excellent stand alone building with land and gardens surrounding it. There has been much work put into renovating the building to make it a very suitable, modern learning environment. There is a CD with photos of the inside and outside of the building with this report.


Inside, there is a large open reception centre, classrooms for all the disciplines presently being provided,

a library and a classroom for the Hair Styling course, with a practice hair salon attached. It has several dummies for the students to work on.

The Chef course has a classroom and a very good kitchen. Students prepare meals which are provided at minimal cost to students. I have had two of their meals and they were excellent. The kitchen facilities are clean and modern.

There is a computer lab for the computer-programming course and it is up and running with about 20 computers at present.

 Bina Uberoi teaches English and she is very experienced and professional. I sat in on a class of each discipline and was pleasantly surprised at the standard of teaching and the level of understanding and involvement of the students. All classes are taught in English with minimal explanation, occasionally, in their own language.


 It should be noted that this is between semesters. CIVC is giving free orientation, ESL and introductory classes to those who are registering for the September semester. The students come from mostly rural areas and do experience some culture shock. CIVC is trying to ease that before they start classes in earnest so that they will lose none of the students.


Student registrations will be sent to Lambton in small batches and will not be held until they are all in. Advertising has gone out for more teachers, to cope with 32, possibly 50 students for next semester. Teacher interviews will start at the beginning of July.

I felt that everyone in the college is working diligently to make this college a success. There is no lack of initiative. There is some difference between the cultures. Canada expects prompt answers and deliverables. India works more slowly but with good intentions. A meeting in the middle would be helpful. The college is new and still on a steep learning curve. I suggest a visit by Kurtis Gray would help both sides. Once the number of students and consequently the number of teachers grows, it would be good for Dee Cox to go and encourage the teachers.  It is a little early at this time.


Answers for Lambton

Q. -.Course portfolios. Portfolios will be audited
A. - Portfolios and individual student files are all in order.

Q. - Proof the college is following set curriculum
A. - The College is following the curriculum to the letter

Q. – Validation Power Point
A. - The Validation Power Point. It is useful for new teachers and for reference.

Q. – Registration system – data base - spreadsheet
A. – There is a data base, including use of spread sheets as per instructions..

Q. –Sit in on classes
A. - I sat in on classes of all disciplines and was pleased with the level of teaching and the level of students. This is between semesters. CIVC is giving free orientation, ESL and teaching to students who are registering for the September semester

Q. – Is the ESL course counter productive.
A. - The ESL course is productive. All students are tested for English comprehension before acceptance. They all attend extra ESL classes

Q. – Proof of welding facilities
A. - There are no welding facilities on site. There is agreement with a local welding business for students to go there and work with professionals. The college has a health and safety concern with on site facilities. In this culture schools and colleges send students to well established businesses for practical experience in many subjects. It is a cultural difference.

Q. – Probably be an overall audit in the fall.
A. - They welcome and audit at any time. 

Finally, any reservations I may have had that the college at Chandigarh was not achieving the standards Lambton College have been cleared away. I am very proud of what has been accomplished. This college will be a success given time and help to grow within the partnership.


Shirley Johnson
June 26, 2009




While at CIVC was doing my nanny course I worked part time as a librarian, this on campus job helped me a lot to complete my course. Up the CIVC flag now I am living happily in Australia with my spouse.




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